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Medical Devices

Morgan Newton manufactures electronic systems for customers that provide medical devices and equipment for hospitals, laboratories, private practices, and other related services. This market has a strong need for Suppliers that can provide full back-end traceability. At Morgan Newton we take this requirement seriously by investing heavily into traceability hardware, software, and training.

Whether the requirement is to identify the Date Code and Lot Code of a particular component back to a serialized PCA, or to track the manufacturing process including defect and rework history, Morgan Newton meets the traceability requirements in today’s dynamic Medical Device production environment. Build Protocols, Build Reports, Post build DFA Reports, all covered. Things happen fast in this market and understanding the requirements for Proto, Pilot, Pre-Production, and Production manufacturing is critical. We provide our customers with products that meet the highest standards required by the medical industry. Our FDA Registration, ISO-13485 certification, and MedAccred quality focus exemplify our market commitment and ensures Morgan Newton’s focus towards Medical Device safety and reliability.

Medical Device Product Experience
• Blood Analyzers
• Control and Monitoring Systems
• Flow Meters
• Dental Milling Machines
• Communications Systems
• Multiple Unique Health and Wellness Devices