A Legacy of Trust Since 1975

Company Overview

Morgan Newton Company is an EMS provider located in Plano, Texas that started operations in 1975. The company did mostly private label electronic contract manufacturing for select OEMs until the late 1980s, when the company expanded its manufacturing capabilities with surface mount automation.

As the Company entered the 1990’s, it recognized that OEMs were concentrating on core competencies, and that the market needed a greater offering of value added services, which it put in place ahead of the demand.

This growth in value-added services gave the company a whole new operating platform and perspective in contract manufacturing. As one of the pioneers to adopt these range of services, our customers started utilizing our experience to develop a successful, cost-effective manufacturing strategy, tailored to their specific needs.

With an eye towards the future, the company has increased the number of surface mount lines, expanded supporting operations, achieved MedAccred, ISO 13485, AS9100 and ISO 9001 quality certifications, and is keeping pace with the technology required to meet current and future demands.

In 2007 the Company built a custom electronic manufacturing plant. Conveniently located in the President George Bush Tollway(190) & Renner Road Industrial Estate, the new 42,500 square foot assembly plant houses some of the most advanced electronic manufacturing equipment.

Throughout the years, regardless of equipment and technology, the employees of Morgan Newton have always been the greatest asset the Company has.